Yesterday I got talked into paddling by my paddling friend Cathy,  I was not sure I wanted to go because of the low early in the day temperature.  We met and got on the river, it was pushy and most rapids were washed out because of so much water.  We would have made it from our Avon and Livernois put-in to the Yates Dam in less than one hour had we not stopped to look at a abandon kayak. Close inspection revealed it had no grab hand on the exposed end and we decided not to try and salvage it.  We were well on our way to making our entire trip to Ryan Road in less than a hour and half when a freshly fallen tree blocked our path at what would have been ten minutes from Ryan Road, our take-out.  We decided to give up on our record run and cut the blockage back enough so the next passing boat would not need to be portaged.  We saw no other paddlers Sunday.  Their is a before and after picture of our woody debris management, then a couple of in progress shots in between. Cathy threw most of the removed brush well out of the way by her self!  It was a temporary fix that can be improved during lower water.  I personalty cleaned the drying mud from the approach to the new dock in NCRP again Sunday afternoon.  As Cathy pointed out early Sunday morning we will be glad we went once we got out there and we were.  Gold Chain Bill was our shuttle person.
More later
Dale      3:25AM Monday