I used my good running van to take me to the river Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   Friday, D Ray and his coworkers paddled with me, D Ray fell in
six times, his boss 7 times.  Saturday I did not have my memory stick in my camera, but I put on a mask and found my loppers in 6 feet of water near the angry hornets nest.   Sunday some woody debris was managed so one no longer has to get out of their boat and float it though shallow water.  I
was going to do some massive adjustment to the tree in picture 1571 but the rain, thunder and lightning caused me to reevaluate my plan and quickly improve the already existing gap.   I tied my lawn chair in a tree trying to avoid the rain hitting my skin while Cathy trimmed low hanging branches in the rain as other paddlers paddled by.  Perhaps I will see you about noon.
More latter
Dale      8:06AM Monday