Good Morning Comrades                6:39AM Thursday
Congratulations on completing 52 days of social distancing. I
have had 7 successful days with not drinking alcohol or looking
at facebook. I have not had great success with my attempted
avoidance of the news, I have not watched or logged on to any
news program during May, but never the less hear some from
youtube and flashes on TV. I have one more 622 dollar
payment and should be done with my bankruptcy case, I am
upbeat about that.

I have seen Dennis and Ernie and they show no signs of being
abducted by aliens. I continue to work on my recently
purchased used canoe, unfortunately after weighing it I
discovered it weighs 85lbs already and I still have a seat and
thwart to add to it, I believe it will be too heavy for me to use.

I am selling some golf discs, $30, and hole covers for kayaks, $4 each, on
Craigslist. I got a new router from Harbor Freight and
mounted on a small table and used it to make thwarts for my
canoe. I hope you are well. That’s it………

Good luck