The first two pictures are a before and  an after of an attempted obstacle removal.  A piece of 1/4 wire untangled in the root ball thwarted my adjustment plan.  But it was easier getting though after we did what we did.  

Picture 1675 is the view one saw Sunday when approaching the offending root ball we adjusted Saturday.   The third and fourth pictures are a before and an after of a log that made it difficult to get by.  Picture six is one of three places I had to get out of my boat and float it over shallow water.  Picture 7 is of tubers tubing between Ryan and Heritage Park.  Picture 8 show a gal that almost got knocked in by the branch she hit broadside, picture 9 is of her being pleased that she didn’t fall in in front of an audience.  She got side tracked because the low hanging limb had slowed down the traffic in front of her. 

The last picture is of our group.  We picked up a little broken glass, litter and lopped several low hanging branches.  We left the branch that almost got the girl for entertainment purposes.

Dale    6:38AM Monday