Thursday I helped my friend Jerry clear logs and low hanging brush from 14.2 miles of river from Opdyke Road to Yates Park.  A photographer from Terain 360 followed as we opened the river up the best we could.  This photographer was hired by SEMOG, Terrain 360,
Ten pictures seems to be the limit I can send via e-mail
so I will attempt to capture my day with ten pictures.  Picture one is Ryan installing his array of cameras on the mast of his boat.  Picture two and three are before and after shot of obstacles, as well as four and five.  Picture six is a picture of a guy that wanted to know if we had a permit from the DNR and that we need one.  Picture seven is a picture of the only buck out of six that would stand still long enough for a picture.  Picture 8 show Ryan with his rig at the high bank by Rochester College.  In it you can see the mass wasting taking place, something will need to be done there.  Ryan had too get off his boat and walk it though many
tight spots as well as stop and put gas in his generator as well.  His apparatus required contentious power for the computer and 360 degree picture making.   Nine and ten or a before and after of the last jam I cut.  Yesterday was a long day causing a early night, now here it is now, a early day!
I got a call from Scotty Bob last night and I appreciated it.  I have decided to give up drinking for a while as I atone for my deviation from accepted behavior.  My apologies to all I may have negatively effected.
Dale      4:48AM Friday