Some pictures of the Clinton River from the last two week-ends.  The first digital image, Near Ryan, was an attempt at takings a picture of some one hitting a log and capsizing.   The next four images cover a freshly fallen
tree between Rochester and Yates Cider Mill.  After a serous attempt
with a hand chain saw a powered chain saw was used.  The sixth and seventh photos are of a hazardous spot between Yates and Ryan.
Looking at the kayak, Campsite Island picture, a barely visible root ball
can be seen to the right of the kayak bow.  The next picture shows the guys wife making a direct hit, it spun her around but she did not fall in.  The guy did fall in after making it by the hard part.  The last three pictures are
of a log that blocked the entire river and required me to go into waist deep water to cut it in half and float it away.
I will be driving up north for the Michigan Paddlers Rendezvous next week-end, when I return I will reevaluate my atonement.
Peace, Love, Dove
Dale     4:14AM Monday