Sunday two friends and I paddled from Ryan Road to Heritage Park.  The water was very low and the clearest it has been this year.  Some lopping was done to make the low water run easier for the unclean masses.  While floating along at a very, very leisurely pace I observed what I thought was Styrofoam flotation for a kayak, it turn out to be a kayak,  After sawing then moving a log we were able retrieve it.  It had
a lot of sand in it, it was very stinky and was difficult to deal with.  I towed it back and put it in my van, now my van stinks.  The chain saw
came in handy toward open up a blockage caused by a Black Walnut across the river.
Saturday I paddled a photographer from Sterling Heights outreach from
Clinton River North Park to Rotary Park.  My passenger would not allow me to take her picture, I took a picture of her back anyway.  Three policemen went along and behaved.  I have reason to believe the most attractive of the bunch, the blonde (1362) is a city councilman.  The long three hour paddle with cold woman, no help paddling, got better when she got out of my boat and I paddled a good looking reporter from Channel 4 and took her picture with a Go Pro that her professional cameraman provided  for me near the dock.
PS: While watching the new cast on TV I noticed my snooty passenger
       was looking at her phone as we were coming up to the dock.  Also
       I was not aware that the theme of the float was the police giving
       McDonald gift certificates to paddlers wearing their life jackets.
       I did not get a gift certificate……
DALE    8:52AM Monday